We manufacture a range of Sirens and Air Horns

We are also agents for: 

Grässlin has a extensive range of time switches, Light and temperature controls devices

Dewhurst range of push buttons which complies to EN81-70, gate locks for elevators

BEPC British Encoder Products Company manufactures incremental, absolute and absolute EtherCAT Encoders

DeeGee Flashing lights and beacons

Gentech float switches

Folomov LED Flashlights and torches

VL10 Lock
Programmable encoders
Talento Smart

From Dewhurst

Dewhurst range of Locks for sliding, swing, and hoist doors and Push Buttons with EN81-70 approval also known as Dupar Locks.



From British Encoder Products Company

Manufactures a range of encoder form incremental to absolute and EtherCAT absolute encoders

Time Switches

From Grasslin

Grasslin range of Digital and Mechanical time switches and the new Smart timers can be programed from your phone or PC via Bluetooth

Talento Smart
Grässlin offers improved quality of life thanks to intelligent time switch products


From classic analogue DIN-rail timers, through tried-and-tested universal timers and time switch modules, to the cutting edge versions of the digital DIN-rail timers with wireless data transfer via app or LAN network in the talento smart series, Grässlin meets all the requirements of modern building technology and building control. With more than 60 years of experience in the field of time switch technology, Grässlin offers innovative technologies that provide many benefits and make time switching tasks simpler, safer and more energy efficient. New communication technologies like Bluetooth and iCloud (IoT) open up completely new opportunities for specialists to operate complex applications quickly and easily, keeping an eye on improved energy efficiency and lower time costs.

New Products

Female Inline Socket 2P+E
Female Socket Straight

230V 2P+E 16A IP44

LED Flashlight

We offer a range of flashlights for most applications.


EtherCAT Absolute encoders


For sliding Hoist / Elevator Doors